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John Heussenstamm
  2005, Laguna Beach, CA Annual Blues and Jazz Festival
summer 2005, Laguna Beach Festival of Arts  

John Heussenstamm

Although people tend to think of John Heussenstamm exclusively as a phenomenal blues guitarist and teacher, he plays and has studied different styles of music throughout his career, such as: jazz, from be-bop to modern; classical guitar; gospel; blues; and funk. The songs in this site's Music section reflect this diversity in his tastes: blues, light jazz, latin jazz, rock, funk/rock, new age, world music, and even hillbilly rock. It would probably be fair to say that John's eclectic interest in music has contributed to his strength as a blues rock guitarist.   >>> more >>>

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Guitar Workout is an intensive, comprehensive program that will increase your speed, agility, and creativity. This is the ultimate workout for any guitarist who wants to accelerate and articulate their speed picking! Train like a professional while gaining a greater understanding of the diatonic major scale, scale harmony, and the picking technique needed to play super-fast licks and riffs with melodic intelligence and creativity.

Internationally renowned guitarist John H. leads you through rigorous single-note warm-up exercises, speed drills, fingering patterns, sweeps, arpeggios, and melody construction.
John Heussenstamm
circa 1994  
This new book features 100 modules covering a giant array of topics. Each lesson in this jazz volume includes detailed instruction with playing examples presented in standard notation and tablature.

You'll also get extremely useful scale diagrams and chord grid photos to reinforce your learning experience, plus 2 full audio CDs featuring performance demos of the examples in the book. A huge variety of jazz guitar styles and techniques are covered, including: modes, arpeggios, basic comping, blues comping, turnaround improvisation, chord tones, tritone substitution, scale sequences, pentatonics, sus chords, polyphonic harmony, and more.

Future and past public appearances
Saturday, May 21st, 2011. noon - 3:00pm

John Heussenstamm